Mars rover Curiosity makes 'pit stop' to study rocks

London, Sept. 17 : After driving for two months, the Mars Rover, Curiosity, has finally parked itself to study rocks under its wheels.

The rover will try to relate them to the outcrops that were seen earlier in the mission.

It plans to make five such stop-overs while going toward the foothills of Mount Sharp, the big peak that dominates equatorial Gale Crater.

Project scientist Prof John Grotzinger told BBC News that Curiosity will be at this location for 'a few sols only'. A sol is a Martian day, which is about 39 minutes longer than a day on Earth.

The first 'pit stop' is going to give researchers another opportunity to examine conglomerate, a rock type that consists of small pebbles that have been cemented together by finer material.

On Earth, this happens when sediment is transported in rivers, and suggests that water flowed across the floor of Gale billions of years ago.

--ANI (Posted on 17-09-2013)

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