By Shubhrima Dutta, Kolkata, Sept 13 IBNS | 2 years ago

Film director Ujjwal Chatterjee's latest Bengali venture 'Swabhumi' hit the cinemas on Friday in Kolkata.

The premiere of the movie was showcased at Nandan on Thursday in the presence of the star cast and co-producer Sonika Singh Bhatti.

Veteran actress Debashree Roy plays the main protagonist of the film Saraswati Pramanick.

Ujjwal Chatterjee said, "The movie has been inspired by the story of Mashesweta Devi, 'Adhoba' which means neither 'Shodhoba' nor 'Bidhoba'. The lead role is played by Debosree Roy and the name of her character is Saraswati Pramanick."

"The real name of this character is Shyamali Pramanick who stays in Nandigram and whose husband was killed in when he was involved in the protest against the industrialisation in Nandigram," Chatterjee said.

He added, "When she saw the dead body of her husband, she broke down into tears. Due to political pressure, two more women came and claimed that body as their husband's body. This pathetic incident moved me and I decided to do a film on it," said the director.

Debashree Roy said, "I still remember the day when Shyamali Pramanick came to me, screamed and broke down into tears while sharing her experience. I feel whatever happened to her was wrong."

She added. "If I am successful in bringing out on screen whatever Shyamali Pramanick went through, then I will feel that I have achieved what I wanted."

Actress-model Dimpy Mahajan who features in an item number in the film said, "It was really fun. I love dancing. When I came to know that I am doing a dance number in this film, I was very happy."

Mahajan said, "It feels great to come back to Bengal and revive my old memories. I really like the concept of the film. The film is done in a classy way and I love it."

She also said, "The film has a very nice concept of the stage between 'Sodhoba' and 'Bidhoba' which is mainly termed in the film as 'Adhoba'. The struggle that the main protagonist faces which is played by Debosree Ray is very touching. I had tears in my eyes while watching the film."

Actor Samrat Mukherjee who plays the role of a policeman in the film said, "For an actor, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to make a real incident and shoot in the real places where the incident happened, meet people whose whole family and livelihood has been destroyed."

He said, "Being a part of the team that has faced political as well as financial trouble and then are able to get this picture out today is a very big thing. I think it's a very big day for all of us."

The main victim on whose life the story is based, Shyamali Pramanick was present at the premiere and shared her experience about what she went through when she found her husband's body.

The lady requested the government to give her the death certificate of her husband and urged for justice.

(Posted on 13-09-2013)