Kolkata, Sept 13 IBNS | 2 years ago

Singhi Park Durga Puja Committee has always tried to bring a message through their celebration of Durga Puja and this year is not an exception.

On their 72nd year Singhi Park brings a confluence of Hindu, Muslim and European architecture to Kolkata via Govindji Mandir.

Govindji Mandir was constructed in Red sandstones which was donated by Moghul emperor Akbar to build a temple which had both Greek and Hindu architectural imprints.

"Committee see this not only as an opportunity to uphold the rich tradition of the country, they also feel this is the perfect platform to bring about a confluence of belief while upholding the faith in the Almighty in this age and time of eroding human values. It is with this in mind that the organisers are recreating the famous Govindji Temple of Vrinadvan this year," the club members said.

Govind Dev (Govindaji) Temple was once a magnificent seven storied structure built in the form of a Greek cross. It was built at the astronomical cost of Rs One crore in 1590 by Raja Man Singh .

Singhi Park will take up the daunting task of recreating the temple with a super structure built over 55 ft.

The intricate designs will be created out thermocol and plywood.

Sutanu Maity has been entrusted with the job of recreating the temple in Kolkata.

While the pandal will be an architectural grandeur, the Goddess will be traditional. Singhi Park will continue with the Ekchala Matri Murti pattern of traditional Durga

'Pratima' (deity) which will be around 23 ft height made by eminent sculptor Pradip Rudra Pal.

Pintu Electric of Chandannagor will be forming these lighting patterns with the theme "Ma Durgar Bahon".

(Posted on 13-09-2013)