Mumbai, Sept 13 IBNS | 2 years ago

Many Pakistani actors, including Ali Zafar, Veena Malik, Atif Aslam and Imran Abbas (to name a few), have won hearts in India despite the uneasy Indo-Pakistan relations. But does everything go smoothly for these entertainers who come to India to act in Bollywood movies?

Journalist Salil Jose debut novel EuroMegastar Kasab Euro" Hits and Misses: The Story of a Pakistani Actor in BollywoodEuro deals with the impact of the flickering Indo-Pakistan relations on an actor from Pakistan who makes a name in Bollywood. The book narrates the hurdles a Pakistani
actor faces in India and the strange experience he encounters.

The novel, dedicated to all peace lovers in India and Pakistan, explores the ironies and contradictions in Indo-Pakistan relations.

The peoples of both countries are torn between the upside and downside of the relationship Euro" they are tossed between peace talks and war-mongering.

The novelist claims that he gave the name Kasab, which rings terror bells, to his protagonist to convey the ironies and contradictions in a better way than otherwise. He puts the questions straight - What would have happened had Kasab come to India to act in Bollywood movies and not kill Indians? Would India have accepted Kasab if he had come
as a messenger of peace?

The novel, published by Partridge India, is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

(Posted on 13-09-2013)