Beat the heat the Japanese way

Tokyo, Sept.3 : It is summer in Japan and the maximum temperature is over 35 degrees.

Rising temperature increases the risk of a heat stroke.

Every year, approx. 40,000 people require emergency transport services for heat stroke care. The number of heat stroke related deaths in Japan has reached 34 this year.

Heat strokes can be fatal, as human body faces shortage of water and salts. One feels dizziness, headache, nausea and it leads to loss of consciousness.

To prevent heat strokes, one can have Pocari Sweat, a health drink.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical has been supplying Pocari Sweat since 1980 and has sold over 1.17 billion bottles worldwide, including Japan.

In summer season, the sales go up 4 times as compared to other seasons.

Kentaro Tadano of Saga Neutraceuticals Research Institute, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., said: "In order to prevent heat stroke, it is very important to maintain blood volume which was reduced by sweating. Therefore, it is very important to rehydrate to supply water and electrolytes lost through perspiration. Sodium is the electrolytes which is especially important to maintain thermoregulation and water adjustment in the body. Large amounts of sodium will be lost by heavy sweating, so it is important to supply sodium as well as water. One of the reasons that Pocari Sweat quickly replenishes more than plain water is that it contains glucide, plus sodium."

People also have other alternatives to protect them from hot weather.

Yuki Morisaki, a Japanese cooking expert, asserted that seasonal food provides resistance against heat strokes.

Ordinary summer vegetables can prevent summer diseases.

Yuki, who aims to be a dietician, has appeared in television and magazines.

"During my childhood I was afflicted by atopic dermatitis. I was looking for an alternative to medicine. Fortunately, I traced a medical diet, which is easy and right. I only ate a traditional Japanese menu - rice and miso soup thrice a day," he said.

In countries like India where the maximum temperature can go up to 48 degree Celsius, the Japanese way of keeping the body cool is an option worth considering.

--ANI (Posted on 03-09-2013)

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