Mumbai, Sept 2 IBNS | 2 years ago

The Maharashtra Home Department on Monday said a bone test will be conducted on one of the accused in the Mumbai gangrape case, who claimed to be a minor.

The test result will make it clear of the accused is actually a juvenile or faking it with the help of forged documents.

While a document furnished by the accused's grandmother that showed his age to be 16 had been considered unreliable earlier, the birth certificate procured from the municipality has reportedly now confirmed his birth year to be 1997.

Police asserted that the revelation was not a lapse and a bone ossification test will now determine whether he is a minor and has to be tried in juvenile court.

A photojournalist was gangraped when she entered Shakti Mill on Aug 22 as the assailants held back her colleague by tying him up.

(Posted on 02-09-2013)