New Delhi, Aug 23 IANS | 2 years ago

This month, visitors to the American Center in Delhi will have a rare treat -- Martin Luther King Junior, delivering his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech, can be seen from different vantage points in photographs displayed there.

The speech, made during the African-American Civil Rights Movement in 1963, became a defining moment in the Civil Rights Movement, and was heard by a live audience of over two lakh people at the march in Washington.

As the USA celebrated the 60th anniversary of the march to demand the end racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans, and equal rights to every citizen, the multi-media exhibition inaugurated Thursday at the American Center in Delhi offers people here a glimpse of the perceptible excitement of that peaceful march.

Around 25 black-and-white photographs show King from different angles while delivering the speech, and also capture images of the people from all walks of life who had gathered to hear him.

There are photographs of Bob Dylan singing and people cheering, of actors like Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando, of novelists and activists like James Baldwin and thousands of people with slogans on the street.

There are also colourful murals titled "The Dream Continues", with Martin Luther King, Jr painted alongside other prominent figures.

The exhibition will continue for a month.

(Posted on 23-08-2013)