By Shubhrima Dutta, Kolkata, Aug 18 IBNS | 2 years ago

Independent filmmakers in India experimenting with the medium are faced with fund problems and have to battle for the release of their films in regular cinema houses, said four directors at a panel discussion here on Friday.

Present in the panel discussion about the independent film-making were Indian film director, producer and screenwriter, Bedabrata Pain; independent filmmaker and screenwriter based in Mumbai Anand Gandhi; Indian film director known for his cult film 'Gandu' and CEO of film production company Overdose Joint, Qaushiq Mukherjee (popularly known as Q) along with Indian cinematographer Pankaj Kumar highly acclaimed for his work in 'Ship of Theseus'.

Q said, "I am often being called an escapist. If I am escaping, then I am experiencing freedom which is not bad at all."

He said, "Today we are making a different genre of film because we are sick and tired of watching the films that are representation of India. It's time that we just stop that. And that is the reason I made 'Tasher Desh' for the audience," Q added.

Ship of Theseus director Anand Gandhi said, "I am very excited that a film like 'Tasher Desh' is releasing in theatres and people are going to watch it. I always wanted to be in such cultural environment."

Gandhi added, "I am not claiming that I am more knowledgeable than Adam Smith, but I have read him. So I have a great advantage over Adam Smith and Q has
the same advantage over Tagore. It is a great benefit for us. We have great amount of material that has been handed over generation to generation."

The panel stressed on the point that independent film making requires a lot of technology involved in it.

Q said, "For that technology, a lot of fund and resources is required. And that resource is lacking in India's film industry. There are many independent film makers who are trying to make everything digital."

He asserted, "Every single part of a film is made digital to make it a huge one. The responsibility for the film makers is tremendous. They have to do everything by themselves. It involves a lot of dedication is such type of work."

Former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientist and inventor of CMOS image sensor, Bedabrata Pain said, "One thing that comes tto my mind about freedom is audacity to do something new."

Pain said, "I had no formal training on filmmaking and still I jumped into the field and invested all my money into this. This is how I gave my first step in independent filmmaking."

The panelists also responded to various queries of the audiences.

(Posted on 19-08-2013)