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On the eve of India's 67th Independence Day, Zee TV stars expressed their views on independence, while sharing their I-Day memories and plans for the same.

Actress Asha Negi said: "I enjoy my freedom and decorate my room with tri-color balloons and a national flag. As a kid, I would love to wake up early and dress up for the flag hoisting that was held in my school. I miss doing that now.

"While I might listen to and get emotional each time I listen to our national anthem when I go for a movie - to watch the Independence day celebrations across the country on my Television screen is something else. The very joy of seeing my countrymen celebrating their independence is something else," she added.

Giving a quote for her fans, she said,"Use and do not abuse your freedom and live it up for your country."

Revealing his plans, actor Rithvik Dhanjani said," I enjoy going out for Independence Day special buffets with my friends and feel the festivity of celebration in the air."

On being asked about his favourite freedom fighter, he said, "It has to be Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi fondly called as Bapu since he is the only freedom fighter on whose birthday we get a holiday notifying the great battles he has fought with ahimsa."

Sharing the difference between celebrating the day as a child and now, Rithvik said,"I loved to go to my school on Independence Day and watch the celebrations. I remember how I and my friends would then run to collect sweets and cycle to other schools to meet our friends and watch their flag hoisting ceremony. I miss all the fun I used to have as a kid, and hence ensure that I sue this day to reconnect with my friends."

"We should all be responsible citizens and instill the responsibility of duty towards our country in the generations to come," the actor advised his fans on the eve of I-day.

Actress Ankita Lokhande on the other hand said,"I love people selling national flags and badges on the road and ensure I buy loads for my family and friends as well."

One being asked about her favourite patiotic song, she said,"Lata Mangeshkar's - Ae mere watan ke logo. It just makes me so emotional each time I listen to it.

"I loved attending the school and watch my teachers hoist the flag as a kid. It gave me an adrenalin gush to listen to Vande MAtram and hoist the flag. As a grown up individual, I attend the flag hoisting ceremonies held in my building and love watching the little kids do a little cultural performance," Ankita shared.

Speaking about the day, she said,"I feel Independence Day instills the much needed respect and responsibility towards ones country and at the same time teaches the kids of today, what their ancestors and the famous freedom fighters have done for them."

Speaking about the day, popular actor Hiten Tejwani said, "As a kid, I loved buying tricolor balloons and flags off the street and would go to school with a bag full of those. The spirit of freedom in the air and the joyful mood that people are in is what I love the most about this day."

"Everybody yearns to celebrate not just the freedom of the nation but also the freedom of self on Independence Day. As a responsible citizen, I feel that more than celebrating the freedom, we should act up and take up initiatives for the welfare of the society and the nation just like our ancestors did to make this country prosper," he added.

Actress Surbhi Jyoti said, "True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right, and as a responsible citizen of India, I feel I need to ensure that every action of mine results in making the nation proud. As a responsible citizen of India, I feel I yet need to be more robust and work towards improving the outlook of the society towards women, which is when I will do my bit of helping women achieve their rights of freedom in this country."

Actress Shilpa Shirodkar on the other hand celebrates the day with her kids' performance.

"As a mother of two, I ensure that I encourage my kids to participate in the Independence Day parade and various cultural activities that are held in their schools. As a matter of fact, for the few years that I was in London after my marriage I would drive miles to just watch a cultural program that was held by the Indian community in UK and watch them hoisting the Indian flag. It's a different feeling to watch your national flag being respected in a foreign land," she said.

Speaking abut the day, actor Arhaan Behl said,"As a kid I would yearn to go to Delhi to watch the massive festivities around Independence Day and watch the parade and cultural activities that were held there. I would always crib and cry about the same to my parents and one year my father did take me all the way to Delhi from Lucknow just for a day to watch the parade."

"After that, there have been a lot of episodes of me being in Delhi during Independence Day, but I will always remember that one special year when my father took me there to specially watch the Independence Day celebrations," he added.

Actor Vikrant Massey said, "I miss the good old days of wearing my school uniform and going to school just for one march past and flag hoisting and run back home in a short span of two hours and then sleep for the rest of the day. That was my freedom. Now since I have grown up, I have realized my duties and responsibilities towards the nation and feel that freedom lies and making others lives joyous and hence I end up doing whatever little I can for the country."

Speaking about freedom, actor Eijaz Khan said,"For me, freedom comes with responsibility, and I feel there needs to be some conscious awakening that needs to happen in order to ensure that we live in a crime free country. Indian politics needs more youth and as a citizen, I feel that we need to wake up to the idea of being a more responsible country to destroy all the crimes that persist in the society."

Actress Mahima Makwana said,"For me, Independence Day means holiday when nobody bothers me with any studies or work. I enjoy a relaxed family day at home and love watching all the cultural shows that come on TV since I learn a lot more about my country's culture watching these shows.

"My favorite memory of Independence Day is visiting my friend's school to hoist the flag instead of going to our school since there was an extended cultural dance and music program being held in their school which we as friends enjoyed a lot," she shared.

Speaking about the day, Ankit Gera said,"Hailing from Delhi, Independence Day was much more than a public holiday for me. I would love to go and watch the National Day parade. I still remember how the streets used to be jam packed and hence I would hold my father's finger tightly and ensure that at no point was I away from his gaze. I loved the festivity in air and I totally miss it now staying away from home in Mumbai."

(Posted on 15-08-2013)