Mumbai, Aug 6 IBNS | 2 years ago

Actor and anchor of TV show 'Gumrah', Karan Kundra, recently had a close encounter of the 'criminal' kind.

Recently, he was shooting adjacent to the Ghatkopar Railway Station in Mumbai, on the skywalk. The only people accompanying him on that rainy night were the director, cameraman and the attendant.

Just as the director yelled 'Action', Karan saw a man running towards him, with cops chasing him. When he heard them yelling at the man, he knew that this was a police chase in progress.

Karan said, "We got a call from the production team that a lot of top cops were in the vicinity. I realized something was wrong. My cameraman then tried to stop the guy but he was pushed. When the guy was crossing me, I reacted instinctively.

"Though he threatened to kill me if I tried to stop him, I kicked him and he fell. Within minutes, the cops came, picked him up and took him away."

Karan said he didn't know who the culprit was.

Pertinently, 'Gumrah' brings to light some real life teen crime cases.

(Posted on 06-08-2013)