It took three years for Abhinav Singh Kashyap to turn Besharam from Dabangg. Well, after immortalizing Salman Khan as Chulbul Pandey, the ace director is all geared up to set a new trend with Ranbir 'Babli Kapoor. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in conversation with the filmmaker on the film in Mumbai. IBNS | 2 years ago

Dabangg was a full-on action film. How will you describe Besharam?

Besharam is basically a masala rom-com. It's not an elitist film. I am not propagating any social message through this film. I believe in entertaining cinema and believe that my hero should come on screen to entertain every man. Even a poor farmer with no educational background has the right to get entertained.

Rishi Kapoor is playing Inspector Chulbul Chautala in the film. Are you still unable to get over the image of Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg?

It is a name and I have used it. As it is, this Chulbul name was my creation. So I can make fun of myself. To be honest, it's a marketing gimmick. Chulbul is a name that excites everyone. Likewise, I kept one of my character's name Chulbul, who always remains excited with his name. But if you see the film, you will understand Rishi Kapoor is not playing the role of a brave cop.

Why do you take words that are used in a negative sense as titles of your films?

When I was making Dabangg (2010), people said why are you making a film with such a title as this word is gnerally used with villainous people. But it was an effort from my end to explain the right meaning of a particular word Euro I have tried to do the same with Besharam.


The word Besharam is very judgmental. When people tell someone 'You are very besharam', they mean to say he is a ganda (dirty) person. But what if a person goes beyond the limit of besharmi in love or for welfare of other people? Then donEurot you think it becomes a very beautiful word?

How long did it take you to convince Ranbir Kapoor to play the lead in the film?

I didn't have to convince Ranbir as he was very convinced already. He just read the script and took his own call.

What kind of a hero is Ranbir playing?

I am not pitching Ranbir as anti-hero. He is a hero rooted amongst the masses on the streets, he is a hero that I feel everyone will relate to, down to the lowest common denominator.

This is the first time Ranbir and his star parents Euro" Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh Kapoor Euro" will be seen together in a film. How did you manage the casting?

I wanted to get Ranbir on board. Then I was on a look out for an elderly, famous actor to play the role of a cop. While I was interacting with Ranbir, I realized Rishi Kapoor has never played a cop on screen in his 40-year-long career. That seemed like a very interesting casting. Thankfully, he too wanted to be a part of the script. Then, in another afterthought, it occurred why not have Neetu Singh also playing another pivotal role because once I rope in all three, it will automatically arouse people's curiosity.

(Posted on 05-08-2013)