Mumbai, Apr 5 IBNS | 3 years ago

After the success of drama-documentary series of real stories of people who have lived through paranormal experiences, Zee TV's show Fear Files announced a new series on black magic.

The "Black Magic Season" in Fear Files is a month long series which will showcase different kinds of black magic practices in India.

Ratan Rajput, who rose to fame as of Laliya of Zee TV's Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Kijo is all set to return on Zee TV again in 'Fear Files'.

The story is about Ratan Rajput's character, Nalini and her husband desiring a child but get enmeshed in a web of deceit after falling prey to an Aghori sadhu who plants his own vested interests in the situation.

Ratan said, "I think supernatural as a concept is hugely popular. People are always intrigued by the concept of black magic and other supernatural occurrences . I am a big fan of this genre myself.

"So when Zee TV approached me for the same, I was thrilled by the idea. I have to act possessed and this was something I hadn't done before."

The episode which will be aired on Saturday revolves around a family and a couple.

The daughter-in-law of the family, Nalini, is not able to conceive and a family member decides to take the help of an Aghori Baba to impregnate her.

In the disguise of getting them a child, the Aghori Sadhu puts a spirit in Nalini's (Ratan Rajput) body.

Ask her if she believes in Black magic, the actress said, "Isn't it still prevalent? We keep hearing and reading about them all the surely does exist especially in small towns and villages of our country."

(Posted on 05-04-2013)