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Christians across the world including India on Friday observed Good Friday with prayers and parades to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.

Good Friday is a day of sadness and a religious holiday,and on this day, churches are empty and dark, with services held in the afternoon.

Many churches have a bitter drink prepared from leaves, vinegar, and other ingredients. This drink is for everyone to taste after the service.

People attend these services to pray on this day and later, many dedicated followers in some parts of India hold parades or open air plays to portray the last days and hours of Jesus' life.

The day is observed during Holy Week as part of the Paschal Triduum on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday, and may coincide with the Jewish observance of Passover. It is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Black Friday, or Easter Friday, though the latter properly refers to the Friday in Easter week.

Based on the details of the Canonical gospels, the crucifixion of Jesus was most likely to have been on a Friday. The estimated year of the crucifixion is AD 33, by two different groups, and originally as AD 34 by Isaac Newton via the differences between the Biblical and Julian calendars and the crescent of the moon.

The Catholic Church treats Good Friday as a fast day, which in the Latin Rite of the Church is understood as having only one full meal (but smaller than a regular meal) and two collations (a smaller repast, two of which together do not equal one full meal) and on which the faithful abstain from eating meat.

Netizens wished each other and expressed their thoughts, to commemorate this day via micro blogging site Twitter.

Actress Sophie Choudry tweeted:"Have a super Easter Weekend."

Journalist Sagarika Ghose tweeted:"How very interesting that #HappyGoodFriday is trending. I remember some outrage from last year. Have a wonderful Easter weekend, folks."

Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee tweeted:"Gd morning friends. its a good friday..all good things will happen in ur (your) life..pray for peace and happiness.."

Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted:"Its Good Friday! Diwali, Eid, Easter, Budh, Nanak and Mahavir Jayanti and more: yeh desh gajab hai (this country is incredible)! Yeh India hai (this is India)! Enjoy long weekend!""

Director Sujoy Ghosh tweeted:"have a good easter weekend. may it bring peace and happiness to you and your families..."

Writer/actor Suhel Seth tweeted:"Here are some prayers and thoughts on keeping the faith on Good Friday..."

Director Shekhar Kapur tweeted:"'I asked Jesus "How much do you love me?" He looked at me with such compassion, opened his arms wide, and died for me'. A Good Friday quote."

(Posted on 29-03-2013)