Kolkata, June 20 IBNS | 2 years ago

Sports editor of The Statesman, Pulakesh Mukhopadhyay, recently released the book 'The Boundary Line', based on the sensational analysis of the match-fixing scandal across the world, penned by Atul Kumar.

Author Atul Kumar said, "I came to know about some of the matters happening in cricket by some instances which were extraordinary and I felt it should be disclosed. The book apparently seems to be a fictional story as the characters are all imaginary."

"There is an ambiguity in the story that can easily be revealed if the readers go through it minutely. It extensively covers all the aspects of match-fixing from the T20 format to the revered World Cup," Kumar added.

"The story revolves round a character name Dhiren, who reveals the mysteries of match fixing through his betting experiences and knowledge."

"The story is an eye opener for all the cricket lovers showing them the present cricket scandal in the form of a story," he said.

The author also showed that apart from the players match fixing, it also involves cricket officials, commentators, political leaders, ministers and umpires.

In the story, Dhiren is a character who is a common man, a protagonist who falls into the lure of cricket betting.

While indulging in betting, he is able to decipher and understand the deep and intricate connections between betting and match-fixing in cricket.

Slowly he discovers that his world is ruled by machinations and corruption of the same and the folly of the rest.

The book also portrays the roles played by the various parties including the commentators and cricket experts in the operation of match-fixing conglomerate.

(Posted on 20-06-2013)