Ever since she came back from the US, Madhuri Dixit is having her kitty full with offers for films, TV shows and endorsements. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actress in Mumbai on life, films and more. IBNS | 1 year ago

You will be seen in a woman-oriented film - Gulaab Gang - after a long time. Tell us something more about the film.

Well I don't know if I am allowed to speak on the film right now. But all I can say is Gulaab Gang is a very relevant film ... the unpleasant incidents that take place in small towns and the challenges that women and the society at large face every day, it's a comment on that.

How was it working with Juhi Chawla?

Juhi is a very, very sweet person. We had a great time shooting together.

Speaking of challenges faced by women, do you think Bollywood is no exception when it comes to giving women their due?

See, it happens many a times that when you enter this industry, people try to discourage you. There are people who will say, "You can't be a heroine" ... and this and that. So you have to fight all that. It's only when you believe in yourself that you rise from that depressing situation and take it up as a challenge and prove people that they were wrong.

So do you think, in a way adversities make women stronger?

Definitely. It's only when adversities come to your life that you get to know your strengths. Till that point you keep satisfied with yourself, your family and whatever you are doing. Also it's very important to maintain a sense of balance in life.

Who is your inspiration in life?

My mother (Snehlata Dixit) is my inspiration. After marriage, she came from a village to live in the city and there were a lot of differences in her surroundings. She is a vegetarian, while my dad (Shankar Dixit) used to love non-veg. She even adapted to that change so much so that she even started cooking non-veg food. She didn't give up her studies ... even after having four kids (Ajit, Bharati, Rupa and Madhuri), she did her MA in Hindustani classical music. I am just awe-struck when I see how she handles everything so perfectly.

What is the secret of your beauty?

It's dance. For me, dancing is healthy as well as spiritual. I dance nearly every day ... it's a great exercise and a great way to get rid of all tension. It calms you down and takes you to a different world ... it's a nice stress buster.

Is dancing for films easier than performing on stage?

A dance in film looks easy because we make it look effortless. But it doesn't mean we don't have to work for it; days of hard work and practice go into its making. We have to get the moves right, then the expressions right and then the entire combination must fall in place to make it look appealing to the audience.

You are also doing Dedh Ishqiya with Naseeruddin Shah.

Yes. I am really honoured to get a chance to work with Naseerji. When good actors come together, the synergy is always wonderful.

(Posted on 15-06-2013)