Moscow, May 9 IANS | 2 years ago

A couple, living in a barrel-shaped fuel tank in a Russian city, have been stripped of the parental rights to their 10-month-old child.

The family lives in an industrial facility in the city of Blagoveshchensk, in a metal tank of about 12 square metres.

"This so-called living space has no utilities; (the parents) have laid electricity lines themselves and installed an improvised stove," local prosecutor's office said.

"Such living conditions were recognised as dangerous for a child."

Late last year, regional child welfare authorities had reportedly removed the baby girl, born in July 2012, from the custody of her parents.

The authorities had requested a local court to deprive the couple of their parental rights, saying the conditions they lived in were unfit to raise a child.

The court ruled in favour of the welfare authorities Jan 31, 2013, and the regional court's judicial collegium for civil cases overturned the parents' appeal against the ruling this Wednesday.

It was established in court that both parents were registered with the local psychiatric services and suffer from personality disorders.

"The girl's parents were invited to move to a family shelter with their child, but they firmly rejected the proposal.

"The girl's father said instead that he was set to buy two more fuel tanks so that there would be more space for them to live in," prosecutors said.

(Posted on 09-05-2013)