Kolkata, Jan 12 IBNS | 2 years ago

The Kolkata Kettlebell Meet 2014 (KKM) witnessed several kettlebell lifters of the city participating in the second edition of the event here on Saturday.

The KKM, which started as a small event last year picked up enough momentum in the last twelve months and saw more than double participants turn out this year.

In the event, there were three main lifts- one arm clean and press, one arm press, and one arm snatch, with separate categories for men and women.

Each participant got a maximum of five minutes for each of the lifts, and only one hand change was allowed.

The winner was decided after calculating the weight of the bell, the number of repetitions done, and the bodyweight of the lifter.

The participants came from different backgrounds like cinema, business, housewife, student, and of course, fitness instructors, and they lifted kettlebells weighing from 8 kilograms to 24 kilograms.

The women's category was dominated by Tollywood actress Ushasie Chakraborty, who won the gold medal in both the one arm press and the one arm snatch events.

The men's events saw different winners in the different lifts, with Sayantan Majumder, Bijoy Shom, and Hari Das Naskar winning the gold in the one arm clean and press, one arm press and one arm snatch respectively.

The medals were given to the winners by the founder of 360 degrees sports Partha Sarthi Sarkar.

(Posted on 12-01-2014)