Jump your way to fit body with trampolining

London, Jan 9 : Everyone likes to be fit but there are just a few who want to hit gym to get back in shape. If you're one of those, then trampolining might be just the thing for you.

Personal trainer David Caldwell shares an alternative way of getting fit in 2104 by following this Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline, reports

In the past, trampolining has mainly been associated with a childhood game but, with the help of the Olympics and an increased presence in gyms and schools, trampolining has gradually gained acceptance as a real and effective method of exercise.

One of the reasons for this is that it's an extremely effective way to get fit, burn fat and tone up.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home:

* Jumping Jacks:

* How to do it: Stand on the trampoline with your arms out towards your sides. As you jump into the air, position you arms and legs so that you are in a star jump position. As you fall back down towards the trampoline, bring them back in towards your body so that you are standing straight. Repeat.

* Knee raise, Tummy tuck:

* How to do it: As you bounce into the air, lift your knees up together and hug them in tight towards your chest. Pull your tummy in towards your spine and hold. As you fall back down, release your knees so that you land into a 'normal' bounce onto the trampoline.

* Pike Jump:

* How to do it: Bounce high into the air. As you get higher, lift your legs up so that they are stretched out in front of you. Lean forward and extend your arms our straight so that you can touch your toes. As you fall, return your body to the starting position and repeat.

* Seat drop:

* How to do it: Jump high into the air. As you start to fall, keep your back straight and extend your legs so that they are stretched out together, in front of you. This should look like a sitting position. Position your arms to the side of you. Your hands should be next to your hips and your palms facing down. As you fall, stay in this position and use your palms and the momentum of the movement to propel you up, back into the air. As you start to move upwards, start to straighten your legs back up into the standing position and repeat.

To see results, you need to be doing at least 15 minutes of jumping 4-5 times a week and to increase this as your fitness improves.

--IANS (Posted on 09-01-2014)

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