New Delhi, Jan 3 IANS | 2 years ago

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's comments at a press conference Friday

* Without discussing the merits of Narendra Modi, I sincerely believe that it will be disastrous for the country to have Modi as the PM.

* In a few months time, after the general election, I will hand the baton over to a new prime minister.

* I will not be a candidate for prime ministership if the UPA comes back to power.

* Rahul Gandhi has outstanding credentials to be nominated as the prime ministerial candidate.

* Taking into account the circumstances and compulsions of coalition polity, I have done as best as I could.

* I will be honest enough to say that price rise was a factor in people turning against the Congress.

* Dealing with corruption is not an easy process even though there may be opportunities as well as challenges.Political parties have to work together to deal with this monster.

* Whether they (Aam Aadmi Party) will succeed or not, only time will tell.

* I never felt like resigning at any time.

* I have enjoyed doing my work. I have tried to do my work with all honesty, with all sense of integrity without regard for fear or favour.

* I still have not given up the hope of going to Pakistan.

* Diplomacy should be given a chance to resolve the issues that have arisen (in Indo-US relations).

* I do not believe I am a weak prime minister. That is for historians to judge.

* If by strong prime minister you mean you preside over the massacre of innocents on the streets of Ahmedabad, that is not the kind of strength I will like to have.

* When history is written of this period, we will come out unscathed.

* We will try to bring in the five or six anti-corruption bills that are in parliament and will try to create an atmosphere in parliament so that the bills are passed.

(Posted on 03-01-2014)