Kolkata, Dec 28 IBNS | 2 years ago

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Thursday organized an industry round table conference with the West Bengal minister for commerce and industry E M S Natchiappan here.

CII projected many new schemes and policies promoting forums in Asian countries for manufacturing purpose.

The conference had a strong focus on information technology (IT), engineering, education and on many others.

CII noted, "Industry and government worked together and tried to solve problems as much as possible with them."

Sudhir Deoras, chairman of the CII eastern region and managing director of TRF Limited said, "We are looking how transaction cost can be reduced".

Summit Mazumder, vice president of CII and vice chairman, managing director of TIL Limited said, "We are positive about the economy. There has been an increase in industrial output. Strong focus should be on industrial manufacturing."

Mazumder said "We are no longer dependable on USA. The economic condition of India has become better. Industry has managed growth in global market. Both industry and government need to work together for further betterment."

"India export value added product which was not used to be done before 10 years. It is an achievement for India business," he added.

Mazumder said, "Bilateral elements in every project likely to have improvement in the growth of development and the economy. Industry getting energized in India. And simplifying the policies of industries help for economic growth."

According to CII, the focus should be on additional market. Growth and aspiration are needed to be encouraged for easy sustainable economic growth.

Minister of state commerce and industry Natchiappan said, "Government has lots of packages for industry. Like Christmas package, industrial up gradation scheme. Industrialist has to find out every available scheme. Chamber of commerce will help to find out policies."

He said, "We are focusing on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) scheme. Huge human resource, gold, economy available in India.India have enough gold for export purpose. Moreover East countries like - Japan, Singapore, Malaysia are ready for investment in India. They want to migrate here from their own country."

"Believe in democracy. India is a democratic country. Do not focus on politics, only focus on business people. Eastern countries do not focus on political people. Rather they concentrate on land, market and human resource, " the minister added.

Natchiappan added, "Industry and people should be united together and has to narrow down this gap. Industry should come near to the people and vice versa to fill up the gap."

Natchiappan noted, "If we get the market we are ready to produce. People should come forward with their ideas and initiatives. Because government cannot do everything. Like - transport, food processing material, warehouse people have to do of their own."

He added, "People should come forward with their proposition then we will look out for that and corporate. As India is a democratic country, we have to take the people along. This togetherness will increase profit in marketing and development in industry."

"Industrialist has to look India as a developing country; but India is rich in human resource," he said.

"Local development has to be done by the promoter and state government. We will contribute initially. Will help in connecting road, rail service so that mineral and raw material can come quickly. If necessary based on land location we can build a small airport" he said.

Speaking of the East he said, "Myanmar welcome Indian investment in farming, education, healthcare, industries and information technology."

Moreover he wished " 2014 should be best for entrepreneur, industries in Kolkata. We have special packages for seven sisters with more subsidy. Indian manufacturer has brought forward driving economic development."

(Posted on 28-12-2013)