Kolkata, Dec 22 IBNS | 2 years ago

After a 22-year-old man died from the beating by bouncers at a bar, an angry mob rampaged at the building in Dum Dum's Shyamnagar area in Kolkata on Saturday evening, with the protesters disrupting traffic by placing the body on the road.

Madhav Das, a resident of Naskarpara near Chinar Park, had gone to Kingston Bar near Shelly Cinema around 9.30 pm on Thursday.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was pushed from the first floor of the bar by the bouncers following an altercation.

Das as then admitted to a hospital in north Kolkata as he was badly injured. He died on Friday morning.

Following reports of Das's death, residents of Naskarpara on Saturday evening decided to take revenge.

Around 50 of them stormed into the bar, smashing anything they saw. Three bikes parked outside the pub were wrecked. The mob drained the petrol and tried to set them on fire. One bike was burnt but police and firemen managed to save the other two.

Complaints have been lodged by both the victim's family members as well as the owners of the bar.

Investigations are on and the post-mortem report of Das is awaited.

(Posted on 23-12-2013)