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China's future depends on CPC congress: Daily

Posted on Nov 08, 10:47AM | IANS

The decisions taken by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will "guide China's future policies and strategic approach", a state-run daily said as the crucial party meet began here Thursday.

An article in the Global Times said that this congress was more crucial than previous ones.

"This is because China has developed too rapidly and it now has a larger effect on the world...it is facing growing difficulties in terms of reform," it said.

"This congress will make policies for China over the next 10 years. Considerations concerning internal and external forces will be much weightier than before. The CPC should take on more responsibilities amid China's rise. It should improve its ability to make thorough decisions and tackle all kinds of problems," the daily added.

The article stressed that the congress is not only a decision-making event, but also "an important platform for China's top leadership to continue carrying out political reforms".

Referring to the once-in-a-decade change in leadership that is expected to take place during the congress, the daily said: "The peaceful political succession from the second generation of leadership to the third was particularly remarkable, and the transition of power from the third generation to the fourth was considered normal practice. This time, it is expected to be viewed as standard procedure."

"The process is being reformed and innovated by the CPC. Although few talk about it, it has been China's most important political achievement in past decades. It has a comprehensive impact on the country, and also contributes to political practice worldwide," it said.

It went on to say that the decisions that the congress makes "will guide China's future policies and strategic approach".

"China has been developing rapidly in recent years and so has the international arena. Globalization and the Internet have brought confusion to society. China needs an authoritative voice to encourage the people and keep society cohesive. The congress should take on this responsibility," the daily added.

The article expected the congress to "promote further reforms, including political reforms, so as to provide new driving forces to solve long-existing problems".

"The public also expects the congress will consolidate the gradual rhythm formed during China's reform and opening-up. As China becomes more open to other opinions, extreme voices are emerging and some criticize the country's incremental reforms. However, the principle of being incremental is the most remarkable and valuable experience of China's reforms.

"...The CPC is China's ruling party. It has changed the fate of China, and will continue to lead it in the future. Our hopes and wishes rest with the congress," it added.