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Chammanthi festival organised in Kerala

Posted on Nov 06, 06:59PM | UNI

Malayalam Department of Krishna Menon Memorial Government Women College at Pallikunnu near here today organized a unique "Chammanthi festival" (Beat to pulp) under the banner of "Ruchiyude nanarthakkal" (Various meanings of tastes).

As many as 62 types of home made Chammanthis (relish), including 49 vegetarian, were prepared by the students at their home and were kept on the stage. The preparations phenomena and the importance of using chammanthis like Thulasi (herbal) and Kariveppila was noted on a separate chart.

The Chammanthis of Thulasi (herbal) Mango, Coconut, Brinjal, carrot, fried coconut, Tomato, chillies, onions, Kariveppila, Pappaya, ground nut, among others, were kept under the vegetarian relish. While 12 types were kept in non-veg Chammanthis that included egg, fish, meat, prawn.

Agri Horticulture Corporation Society President B P Rauf inaugurated the festival. The judges of the competation were Omana and Sasikumar, who were also teachers of the college.

The event was organized as an aim to obtain the loss of traditional taste which was slowly going away from society, said Prof Srikala, AP, Head of the Malayalam Department.

MLA K M Shaji, who visited the college and tasted chammanthis, said this was a remarkable programme to aware the new generation about the society in the past years and food taken by people.