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Shiv Sena hits out at Rahul Gandhi for remark

Posted on Nov 05, 06:48PM | UNI

Shiv Sena has lashed out at AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi for his remark that though Congress had backed the BJP-led NDA government during the Kargil war, the Opposition was not supporting FDI in retail.

Mr Gandhi was speaking at a Congress rally in Delhi yesterday.

'If Rahul does not understand the difference between Kargil and FDI, he has no right to be in politics,' Shiv Sena spokesperson Sanjay Raut said.

'Rahul is not only bachcha (novice) in politics but also kachcha (immature),' he said.

'Kargil was a war inflicted on the country by Pakistan.

It was the duty of all to sink political differences and be united against enemy aggression. Congress did not do a favour by supporting the then government. Had Congress been in power during that time, the NDA would have also supported the government,' Raut said. Raut said Rahul's 'friends' like Walmart were eager to enter Indian markets for their benefit.

'The NDA will not allow this to happen and will continue to oppose FDI in retail,' he added.