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Production normal at Tamil Nadu plants: Hyundai

Posted on Nov 05, 06:43PM | IBNS

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), the largest passenger car exporter and the second largest car manufacturer in India, on Monday said that production at its two plants at Tamil Nadu's Sriperambadur near Chennai continued to be normal.

"HMIL today said that production at its plants continued to be normal and the absenteeism percentage fell by 5pc on Monday showing the weakening support for the illegal disruption of work by the minority CITU affiliated union," said an official statement.

"Production on Monday continued to be normal underscoring the total failure of the illegal disruption of work by the minority CITU affiliated union," it said.

The company said external leaders have instigated the workers against the company and have encouraged them to violate the terms of the court injunction prohibiting any kind of strike or demonstration within the plant or 100 meters radius of the plant.

"HMIL in the interim, reaffirms its stance of not recognizing a minority politically backed union and will adhere to the terms of the unanimous tripartite settlement arrived at on 8th December 2010," said the company.

The number of workers who abstained from work dropped to 110 from 150 on Saturday, said an official statement.

On Saturday, the company was scheduled to produce a record 2340 cars, up from 2176 cars produced on Thursday and Friday respectively.

HMIL said it has already recognized United Union of Hyundai Employees (UUHE) as the official union who have a majority membership of over 1300 permanent workers amongst a total strength of 2007 permanent workers.

They have signed a historic wage agreement with UUHE on Oct 18 and the company is categorical that it will not recognize any other union.

Further 400 employees who are not members of UUHE have signed and accepted the wage settlement.