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Apollo Specialty Hospital introduces HIFU

Posted on Nov 04, 03:32PM | UNI

Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai, has introduced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) as an alternative to Uterine Fibroid Surgery.

Addressing a press conference here today, Dr Bhagyam Raghavan from Apollo Hospitals said HIFU has long been known as a non-invasive therapy technique. It uses focused ultrasound waves to heat and coagulate tissue deep inside the body without damaging intervening tissues. The basic principle of HIFU is focused ultrasound combined with MR guidance where MRI acts as a thermometer and monitors the morphological changes by real time acquisition, she said.

A focused transducer is used to bundle ultrasound energy into small volume at the target locations inside the body and during treatment the ultrasound energy beam penetrates through the skin and soft tissues causing localized high temperatures only in the focus area, leaving the skin and intermediate tissues unharmed, she said, adding within a few seconds this produces a well-defined region of coagulative necrosis, Though, there are several potentials for HIFU treatment like prostate ablation, ablation of bone metastates, it is used in western countries and countries like Singapore, Korea as a non-invasive therapy for uterine fibroid, she said.

Dr Raghavan explained the mode of treatment with the help of a video clipping.