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Yeddy can leave BJP immediately: BJP veteran

Posted on Nov 03, 07:08PM | UNI

Former Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa, who is hurling threats of quitting BJP, should leave the party immediately, Veteran Party Leader B B Shivappa today said.

The former BJP Karnataka President, who is opposed to Mr Yeddyurappa said, "if he (Mr Yeddyurappa) wants to resign and form a new regional party, let him do so immediately.

"The BJP is built on strong foundation by many workers and not a single leader," he added.

Speaking to reporters here, he said there was no tradition in the BJP that a leader who has come up in the political ladder use the party for his own. They will not succeed, he said.

He said the party leaders should concentrate on good administration after people chose them to power.

"It was the BJP which groomed Mr Yeddyurappa and brought him power," he said.

Taking a swipe at Party National President Nitin Gadkari, Mr Shivappa said he should have resigned from the post soon after the allegations were levelled against him.

He alleged it was 'double standard' adopted by Mr Gadkari who had once asked former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa to step down on corruption charges.

'Now he should follow his own rule,' Mr Shivappa said.