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Controversial cartoonist Aseem Trivedi evicted from Bigg Boss house

Posted on Nov 03, 01:21PM | UNI

After four weeks of stay, controversial cartoonist Assem Trivedi was evicted from the 'Bigg Boss' reality show last night.

Trivedi's eviction from the 'Bigg Boss' house was announced by host Salman Khan at the episode aired on Colors channel last night.

Trivedi, a cartoonist by profession and a social activist by passion, came into the Bigg Boss house with much controversy surrounding him. The cartoonist loves to speak about the various social issues our country faces outside as well as inside the Bigg Boss house.

Trivedi came into the house as a shy guy and did not interact much with the other housemates for the first week. However, slowly but steadily he found intellectual partners in Sidhu, Sampat and Sapna mainly.

He started opening up and sharing his thoughts about how our country lacks peace and harmony mainly due to the backward thinking of the people. He participated in all the household chores, activities and tasks with much passion and sincerity.

Trivedi hit it off with Sapna Bhavnani the most as the two would often be seen sharing their opinions and views regarding the social issues women and men in the country are facing.

Politics, violence and lack of awareness were their main subjects. Sapna started calling Aseem 'Bhaiya' and the two were quite fond of each other. Every time either of them would be upset the other one would be the first one to console them. He stayed in the Bigg Boss house for four entire weeks and did manage to win every housemate's heart with his simplicity and humble nature.

Officials at Colors said though Trivedi entered the house as an introvert but after the four weeks in the Bigg Boss house, one can surely call him a confident extrovert. He never lost his cool in the house and always stayed good terms with the others.

On his experience in the 'Bigg Boss' house, Trivedi said, I am so grateful to god that he gave me such a wonderful platform to raise my opinions and meet such wonderful people from different walks of life. My stay in the Bigg Boss house has taught me a lot about life. Now that I am outside I can work on my motive to spread awareness about various social issues our country faces today. I will definitely miss the Bigg Boss house and I wish them all the best. May the best person win the season."