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Battery operated vehicles for tourists to go round Palace

Posted on Nov 02, 08:09PM | UNI

The Mysore Palace Board has introduced battery operated vehicle for the benefit of tourists, including physically handicapped, to go round the Palace Courtyard.

The new system was launched by Deputy Commissioner and Board Executive Officer P S Vastrad.

Speaking on the occasion, he said the 13-seater vehicle would be available at the main entrance of the palace.

Children and physically-challenged will be not charged.

He said it was aimed at facilitating tourists to have a glimpse of the gardens spread over 25 acres and temples like Shwethavaraha Swamy, Trineshwara, Navagraha, Gayathri, Lakshnarayna, Bhuvaneshwari, Krishnaswamy. Khile Venkataraman, Vinyaka Swamy and Sanjeevanjaneya temples.

One more vehicle would be added shortly. Stating disabled were allowed to move inside and outside the Palace on their wheel chairs under the exiting system, he said the Board has already introduced 10 wheel chairs for such persons.

The Board has been introducing a slew of felicities in the interest of tourists like bicycles to enable the tourists to pedal around the palace besides an ambulance was rolled out to attend to emergency cases, he added.