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Julieta Venegas to perform in Cuba

Posted on Nov 02, 10:17AM | IANS

Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas will perform for the first time in Cuba Dec 3 in a concert to help the UN's worldwide campaign to end violence against women, Cuban official media said Thursday.

Venegas will join Cuban musicians like Santiago Feliu, Rodrigo Garcia and Rochy Ameneiro in a unique concert at Havana's National Theater.

The performer of songs such as "Andar conmigo", "Lento" and "Me voy" will also participate along with US documentary filmmaker Catherine Murphy on a panel the next day in the Cuban capital to discuss the same subject.

The artist has been a cultural goodwill ambassador for the Council of Ministers for Women of Central America since 2011, after in 2009 being appointed Unicef ambassador in her country.

Venegas, who has sold several million albums since she began her musical career in 1997, has won five Latin Grammys and is just finishing up a new album that may be released in 2013.