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Momentive Performance centre sets up new R and D facility

Posted on Nov 01, 08:03PM | UNI

Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials has opened a global Research and Development centre besides a commercial set up in the city here today.

The centre with 37 scientists and expected to increase to 75 has been set up at a cost of usd 4.35 million was expected to develop new generation speciality materials and chemicals for the global market.

The centre would house the business headquarters for India, Middle East and Africa region.

The Company has already set up a manufacturing plant in Chennai and is expecting to contribute significantly to the growth of business in the region, according to Dr Pavneet Mumick, Chief Technology officer of Momentive Performance Materials.

He told UNI 'Our researchers are driving tremendous value for our customers through product innovation and new advanced technology platforms. This new centre will help us attract and retain the top talent needed to continue and accelerate these efforts'.

The new facility is located on a two-acre plot in the Electronic City will initially house around 100 associates.

Research scientists based at the facility will work on new global technology platforms and product development for new and existing applications in diverse industry segments, including: personal care, energy, healthcare, electronics, automotive, and construction.

In addition, as Momentive's regional headquarters, the facility will house its commercial, business support, business process and information technology functions.

The Bangalore facility will be a key addition to Momentive's global network of research and development centers located in strategic regions to drive innovation for customers.

Dr Mumick said that the centre had already been granted 10 patents and this was expected to increase to 50 shortly.