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Odisha Vigilance dept registers record 2210 cases in 5 yrs

Posted on Nov 01, 06:08PM | UNI

The Odisha Vigilance Department has registered a record number of 2210 cases, including 481 cases against Class-I officers, during the last five years in the state.

State Vigilance Director S Panwar today said the department had filed cases against 481 Class-II, 2052 Class-III, 80 Class-IV government employees and 301 other public servants from 2007 till the end of this October.

Mr Panwar was addressing a function organised by the Vigilance department to observe the Vigilance awareness week here.

He said during the last five years chargesheets have been filed gainst 327 Class-I, 306 Class-II, 1524 Class-III, 28 Class-IV government employees and 298 other public servants besides 542 private persons.

The percentage of Class-I officers against whom cases have been registered constituted 17.87 per cent which was quite high as they only constitute 2.09 of total government servants.

The director said in 2011, the state stood third in the country in the registration of cases after Maharashtra and Karnataka.

He said the department had registered a record number of 440 cases, including 79 cases against Class-I officers while 512 cases were filed by Maharashtra and 479 cases by Karnataka.