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Re-drawn boundaries may hit many Modi ministers

Posted on Oct 31, 10:08PM | UNI

Many ministers in Chief Minister Narendra Modi's cabinet may be hit by the delimitation exercise. which has re-drawn the electoral map of Gujarat.

As many as 60 constituencies of 182-strong Gujarat assembly have been affected by the delimitation exercise.

Several constituencies have been merged with neighbouring constituencies and the several have been bifurcated or even trifurcated.

Gujarat assembly has a total of 182 seats. As many as 40 seats now cease to exist. They have been replaced with new names and new geographies. Many seats have been declared reserved while several others have been dereserved.

While in some cases, the constituencies have retained the same names, but the map has changed as some areas have gone to neighbouring constituency or some areas from neighbourhood has been added to them affecting the electoral equations of many contenders.