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Shivaji goes unprepared for 'Welcome'

Posted on Oct 26, 08:55AM | IANS

Telugu actor Shivaji, known for several successful comedies, believes in doing his homework before working on a film, but didn't do any such thing for his upcoming rom-com "Welcome".

"I always prepare for my role well in advance however in the case of my new film, which is a full length comedy entertainer, I decided to enjoy acting on the sets instead," Shivaji told IANS.

Director Manohar Chinmani's "Welcome" also stars Ritu Kaur and as many as 18 comedians.

"With so many comedians and senior artistes on the sets, acting was so much of fun. The comedy in the film is not slapstick, but presented in such a way that it will impress all types of the audience," said the actor.

Music is composed by Swaraj Hedide, while cinematography is by Jagadish Naidu and art direction by Vijaya Krishna.