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'VS may grow stronger in political field on turning 90'

Posted on Oct 15, 09:27PM | UNI

As the debate is heating about the consecutive censuring of former Kerala Chief Minister and CPI(M) leader V S Achuthanadhan is heating up, noted numerologist M K Damodaran predicted that he would grow stronger in political field next year when he turns 90.

His date of birth is October 20,1923 Mr Damodaran, a retired government employee who had been doing research in numerology since 1989, said according to numerology, Mr Achuthanandan, shortly known as VS, had been censured for the seventh time yesterday by the Central Committee of CPI(M) whose meeting was held in New Delhi.

Seven is significant as he was now 88 years old(8+8=16,1+6=7). Numbers 2 and 7 are basic lucky numbers of VS. He was born on October 20,1923 and is the eleventh person who become the Chief Minister of Kerala(1+1=2).

As the Chief Minister, he headed the 20th Ministry(2+0=2).The 7th censure has come in the name of KOODANKULAM.

The name has 11 characters. His name begins with the 11th alphabet 'K' Also, occult value of 'K' is 2.