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Majority of couples no longer kiss good night

Posted on Oct 15, 06:44PM | IANS

A whopping majority of couples - around 80 percent - no longer kiss each other good night because they are more focused on falling asleep, a research has found.

A study of 2,000 couples surveyed by hotel booking website Travelodge found that a quarter cannot bear their partner to touch them in bed, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of those surveyed said they do not even manage to say "I love you" before they turn out the lights.

In a bid to get a good night's rest, 46 percent sleep with their backs to their partner.

Only one percent said they sleep in what the researchers termed the "heroic romantic movie scene sleeping" position, where the man lies on his back and the woman's head is on his chest.

Corrine Sweet, a relationship psychologist, told the daily that body language during sleep cannot be faked.

"Once the first flush of lust wears off, with couples naked and entwined, it is more likely that the need for a good night's sleep predominates, so sleeping back to back becomes a favourable position in bed," she said.