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Sukirti Kandpal loses her passport

Posted on Oct 09, 09:18PM | IBNS

While shooting for Zee TV's 'Bhatinda to Birmingham' love story 'Rab Se Sohna Isshq' in London, actor Sukirti Kandpal who plays the posh, upmarket London-bred 'Jazz' in the show had quite an adventure with her passport that she's not likely to forget for a long time to come.

Reports have it that her passport went missing barely two days before the cast and crew was supposed to return to India, following a three-month long outdoor schedule in London.

Not only was Sukirti extremely home-sick but she also did not want to stay back in London alone after the rest of her fellow actors and team would leave for Mumbai.

So, she frantically set out on a hunt for it across all the places she had been to through the day that she had lost it.

Given that the crew had shot at several locations across London, Sukirti had quite a daunting task on her hands.

Sukirti keeps her passport in a pouch along with her money and other documents and she wears it like a belt.

While the rest of the pouch and its contents were intact, the passport had gone mysteriously missing.

Sukirti racked her brains and tried to recollect where she'd left it during the day. But nothing helped. Worse still, she was beginning to doubt that she hadn't lost the passport but that someone had flicked it.

A panic-stricken Sukirti then rushed to the Indian embassy in the hope of getting a new passport issued to her.

It seemed that it would take anywhere between a week to 10 days to get a fresh passport made.

Fortunately, the officials at the embassy recognized her since the show's crew had been shooting in and around London and there was plenty buzz in the media about the Indian TV show being shot in London.

She explained the urgency of the situation to them.

The officials warned her that if she were to lose the new passport, she will never be able to get another one as an individual can be issued only two passports in a lifetime in cases of misplacement.

And, they issued her a new passport within a day so that she was able to fly back with the rest of the team.

Sukirti's character, Jazz, is currently seen falling in love with the hero, Ranveer (Ashish Sharma), who has been hired by her father as her bodyguard.

He is entrusted with the responsibility of keeping her away from her bad habits like drugs, drinks and friends with loose character.