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James Ferreira scorches the ramp with 'thumkas'

Posted on Oct 08, 05:07PM | IANS

With his child-like enthusiasm and his "thumkas", James Ferreira brought a lot of drama on the ramp at the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW). His exuberant act not only gelled well with his collection "Ganesha frolicking with cherubs", inspired by baby Ganesha, but also made it one of the best shows.

After his famous "Sheila ki jawaani" act in the a previous edition, this time he became a kid and choose to shake a leg on Devendra Banhart's "Well, I feel just like a child".

His energetic dance act can give any item girl a run for their money.

"These things are not planned. It just happens on the spur of the moment and depends on the mood of audience. If they are excited, I get excited too and shake my legs," said the designer.

With "Ganesha frolicking with cherubs", he said, he made an attempt to revive kitsch culture in the country.

"I have a friend Sushila Raman who has done Ganesha shlokas. I usually love and use her music in my shows. That's how it all started. Then I also felt that baby Ganesha is not as much portrayed as the old avatar of Ganesha - cherubs are angels. It's all about childlike creations," he said

"My collection was an attempt to mix kitsch with bright colours and give it a modern approach. I loved working on such theme that has its roots in India," Ferreira added.

His collection was a mix of saris, dresses, jackets and skirts and the highlight was the hand-painted dresses by renowned textile artist Bhamini Subramaniam.

"She is a good friend and has been painting for the last 35 years. I requested her to paint on my creations and she obliged," he said.

"Sensuous kurtis, jumpsuits and gowns in off-white, pastor colours portrayed a good feminine vision," he said.

The designer showcased 48 pieces, but refused to reveal the price range.

The women have proved their mettle and "I strongly feel women today don't have to wear trousers to be like men", he said.

"They have realised their potentials in their capacities and happy to go with age-old beautiful dresses such as sari and salwar-kurti," he added.