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Toxic materials increase in lakes after Ganesha idol immersion

Posted on Oct 04, 03:44PM | UNI

Toxic materials have increased and there is decrease in dissolved oxygen in the lakes after immersion of Ganesh Idols in Karnataka, State Pollution Control Board Chairman Dr Vamana Acharya said today.

Addressing a press conference here, he said the samples collected through out the state had revealed that the immersion of Ganesh idol has increased copper, nickle and iron content of ponds, wells, tanks and lakes.

Dr Acharya cautioned saying that the toxic elements in water may spread to the consumer and may cause health hazard.

He called upon disciples to avoid use of Ganesha idols with chemicals, paints, adhesive material, plaster of paris and thermocol which may harm aquatic life.

He regretted that not many eco-friendly Ganesha idols were bought during this festival, inspite of awareness created by the Board.