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Tribal Federation opens showroom in Kanyakumari

Posted on Oct 04, 03:07PM | UNI

Expanding its presence further in the country, TRIFED (Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India Ltd) opened a showroom in this world-famous tourist town today, taking their total number to 29.

The rich tapestry of the nation's tribal heritage came into full view as the new showroom, customarily called 'Tribes India', was inaugurated by Dr M Ayyappan, Chairman and managing director of HLL Life Care Ltd in this evening.

The first sale was done by Indian art-lover Edith Braun, a septuagenarian German lady who spent 26 days in a rowing boat on the Atlantic Ocean in 1968 as a 29-year-old sailor.

'I have for long been an ardent fan of Indian handicrafts. It is a great privilege for me to attend a function related to this country's age-old yet contemporary culture,' said Ms Braun, 73, speaking at the function, coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration year of TRIFED, an autonomous body functioning under the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

'Our plan is to not just restore and reinforce the tribal arts, but also project the relevance of their flavour in today's scenario without effecting any dilution,' Mr Jiji Thomson, IAS, managing director of Delhi-headquartered TRIFED.

Earlier in day, TRIFED opened its 28th showroom in another tourist hub - Kanyakumari, in the country's southern tip of downstate Tamil Nadu. The 'Tribes India' there was inaugurated by Swami Gururatna Jnana Tapasawi, the Organising Secretary of Santhigiri Ashram in the morning.

The first sale was done by Mr S Nagarajan, District Collector of Kanyakumari.

Mr Thomson spoke at the Kanyakumari function as well.

Also present at both the ceremonies was Mr V Ramanathan, Regional Manager, TRIFED.

The showrooms have got functional at a time when TRIFED's annual art exhibition called 'Aadi Chitra' is on for 2012.

The Bangalore leg of the five-month-long series started off last Friday. The event, slated to be held in nine cities across the country, aims sales of Rs 1 crore.

The 1987-founded TRIFED is primarily engaged in the development and marketing of tribal traditional products including handicrafts and natural products in order to improve the livelihoods of the tribal communities by creating a market and business opportunities for them based on their culture, traditional skills whilst ensuring fair and equitable remuneration.