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Induction stove sales jumps by 40pc after LPG cap

Posted on Oct 03, 05:12PM | UNI

The sale of electric induction stoves has gone up by 40 per cent in the mineral rich state of Jharkhand since the announcement of annual cap on subsidised cooking gas cylinders by the UPA government at the Centre last month, market sources said today.

Mr. Suresh Sonthalia, vice-president of the Singhbhum Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), a prominent organisation of business community in this industrial town and a large scale trader of induction stoves, told UNI here that with the cap of 6 LPG cylinders in effect people were looking for alternatives.

'A non-subsidised domestic cylinder costs Rs.964 here while the total cost of average electricity charge for cooking on induction stove for a family of 5 doesn't exceed Rs. 400 per month. This has given this stove an edge and the sales has jumped by up to 40 per cent,' he said.

Explaining it arithmetically, the SCCI VP said, 'the average stove with 1000 watts capacity consumes only around one kilo watt per hour. For a family of 5 total average cooking time is around 3 hours daily and the electricity charges here was Rs. 2.85 per unit. It means if the total monthly consumption is between 90 to 100 units it comes to a bill of Rs 285. Even if we use some miscellaneous usage the total bill won't go beyond Rs. 400 per month, which is still much cheaper.' Meanwhile, people and small road side kiosks in faraway towns like Chaibasa and Saraikela have also turned to the induction stoves instead of LPG gas.

Mr. Bharat Vasani, another office bearer of the SCCI, and a member of the organising committee of the upcoming mega trade fair here said that the dealers of induction stoves were anticipating even larger sales during the fair to be held between October 4 to 16.