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I want to break out of the wall: Nida Mahmood

Posted on Sep 23, 02:42PM | IBNS

Designer Nida Mahmood has strong artistic veneer for her designs where her label epitomizes her design philosophy "art translated " into many more ways than one or "the classic with street."

Determined to bring individualistic ideas to forefront and marrying whimsical styling with old fashioned design, the designer speaks about her vision to IBNS Correspondent Shabarni Basu after the opening show at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in Kolkata. Excerpts:

What is your collection all about?

"Bombay Bun Maska" is the name of my collection. The Indian youth is so strong and individualistic, they dare to dress. You see so much of fantastic expression. It is about being free spirited...it is about being yourself, being comfortable in your skin. There are no inhibitions, there are no restrictions and that's the way you are. So it's a very strong and individualistic approach towards French design, fashion, colour and everything. I have used a special technique for Blenders and with Pujas round the corners, it's a tribute to Pujas with lot of sarees.

You seem to have used a blast of colours and prints. Your take on that?

Since it is about a concept that speaks individualistic and seek your mind being a youth so there is a whole spectrum of colours. Strong colour can be a strong opinion and the same with strong print or busy print. I chose a lot of things together because I have a lot to say. Life is too short to make your point if you don't blend in.

What about the accessories considering you are doing for the youth?

I have used flowers with LED lights, an interesting take on flowers so they are all glowing flowers.

How do you find BPFT?

It's my first time here at BPFT. I feel fantastic, a lot of hard works here and specially here in Kolkata. Its a big market, people here want to know about fashion, want to learn more, and are hungry to know about fashion. I am thankful that blenders fashion week brought me here, I have not been here before and people want to know more. Its so much fun to talk about fashion with people who are interested in fashion and want to know more.

Do you feel unconventional designs work with people?

It's very difficult to convince people what they don't believe in but God has been very kind to me. I think when you work hard, you are able to express what you want to. I am a rebel at heart. I feel I need to say whatever I feel like. I don't say things I don't believe in. There is no pretention. You like it or you don't but I am going to say whatever I feel like. Somewhere when you say it right and when you believe in that, it strikes a chord with people.

What is so different about the menswear line?

You know funnily I started my career with men wears longtime back in 2004. I chose men wears because there are not much in that line. I got an opportunity to design for Sheetal Design Studio in Bombay and at that point there was Manish Malhotra and we were working under the same roof and it was a fantastic opportunity for working. All these years that I have been busy doing the women wears, I was wondering to get back into men wears but with all that designing, painting, artworks, I just couldn't do it. But this season when Blenders Pride offered me the platform to showcase my collections, I said I had to do something fantastic, I had to do this and that's how men wears came about. Its like go out there wear some colours man!

What is designing to you?

That's difficult to answer. I dream a lot and I have always something by my bedside. When I am in my dream, I am thinking of designs and I draw things and when I wake up in the morning, I say O my God I drew this? Seriously? I have fake memories of this but I have labelled everything, colours, detailing, embroidery and everything. Its crazy! Its bizarre!

You are into art as well as designing, how does it feels to multitask?

I just love it. I love art, any kind of art. I am trained to be a fashion designer but deep down I am an artist.

Please elaborate on your showstopper.

That's a new look for Raima (Sen), that you have not seen her wearing before. She is wearing a square paneled saree which is a very interesting mix of textures studded with embroideries, detailed fine embroidery and she is tinged up with a very funky blouse. This is because we are modern aged women and we want to do something fun, break the boundaries and be individual. We want to break out of the walls and that's how these blouses came in.