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I love colours: Agnimitra Paul

Posted on Sep 17, 10:06AM | IBNS

The second day of the Signature Premier Fashion Week (Sept 15, 2012 ) in Kolkata Saturday, was enthralled by designer Agnimitra Paul's show. Flooded with applauds, the designer shares the secret of her success with IBNS correspondent Shabarni Basu. Excerpts:

Tell us about your collections?

My collection is based on Madhubani paintings. Everybody has these paintings in their drawing rooms, so I thought it would be a great thing to take them out to an international level and I have tried to do that only.

What colours have you used in your collections?

I have used two-three shades of green,red, orange, shades of pink, purple, off- white as well as black. I love colours and Madhubani paintings are celebrations of colours.

What are the kinds of fabrics you have dealt with?

I have used fabrics like khadi, cotton, linen, crepes, jorjet and matka. The designs are mostly hand woven and painted. There is very little embroidery.

While everybody wants a Bollywood or Tollywood actor as showstopper what made you choose the soccer players in place of actors?

I felt we are always engaged with Bollywood or Tollywood movies. I wanted to do something different. There is a trend as well for cricket, cricket and cricket! But football is an equally glamourous game. I thank to each one of them that they carried each of the dresses so well. They didn't even get a chance to rehearse and I was so tensed what would they do. But they just did it!