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Parenting a challenging job: British study

Posted on Sep 15, 07:24PM | IANS

Around three-quarters of British mothers who took part in a survey admitted parenthood was much more challenging than they had ever imagined.

The first day at school, dealing with competitive parents and encouraging children to eat properly were some of the biggest challenges faced by parents, the Daily Express reported.

Sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and bed-wetting were also part of the list of the most-stressful situations, said the survey of 2,000 mothers, commissioned by nappy firm DryNites.

Sleepless nights were named the biggest challenge, followed by toddler tantrums, staying patient and keeping on top of the household chores.

Nearly half -- 48 percent -- found their child's school years stressful, with 14 percent even believing they found it more of a challenge than their son or daughter did.

"There are some challenges you expect, like the sleepless nights and tantrums. But I don't think anyone can be prepared for how many stressful situations you will face over the years," child psychologist Emma Kenny was quoted as saying.