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Best Seller Book Reviews: The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd Edition by the College Board

Posted on Sep 14, 11:45PM | TINN

The Official SAT StudyGuide, 2nd Edition released by the College Board contains all the questionsthat can help people pass the SAT exams.

The questions in the book are writtenby people who actually develop books. This will provide people with a vagueidea about how the test will be structured, even though it is impossible forthem to replicate a test paper as it will actually come.

The sample essays andthe questions in the book are really worth a shot and they can really help aperson test their boundaries. However, only 3 of the tests are genuine, whereasthe other 7 (even though they are more legit than random papers on theinternet) are not really legitimate.

Except for the test paper pattern, notmuch else can be very legitimate, but this is a book that can certainly beconsidered.