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Vidya Balan launches social campaign

Posted on Sep 06, 07:46PM | IBNS

On the eve of International Literacy Day, actor Vidya Balan unveiled hair oil major Nihar Naturals' "Chhotte Kadam Pragati Ki Aur" campaign in the village of Lusa in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

As part of the "Chhotte Kadam Pragati Ki Aur" initiative, every time a woman chooses to buy a bottle of Nihar Shanti Amla, 2pc of all proceeds will be contributed to the cause of children's education in partnership with NGO Child Rights and You (CRY) India.

Nihar Naturals will be funding 19 projects across Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and other regions, where each project will touch around 25 to 30 villages within these geographies.

At Lusa, Nihar Naturals transformed the village into a sanctuary of learning with colourful alphabets and numbers painted in different parts around the village, making education an accessible part of their everyday lives.

Vidya Balan, the brand ambassador of Nihar Naturals, was also present to do her bit, where she laid the foundations of an "abacus" for the village children.

She encouraged the village women to take small, simple steps of progress towards ensuring their education.

While education is seen as important by the women, access to schools is limited, and inadequate staff, limited classes, poor infrastructure act as deterrents.

Also, the pressures to add to the family income force children to drop out of schools and get involved in harvesting, household chores, etc.

In a meaningful gesture, the village women and Vidya took a pledge to ensure the progress of children's education by hanging boards with alphabets on the village Banayan tree.

Talking about her experience in Lusa, Vidya said, "It was very inspirational to be present in Lusa for the launch of the "Chhotte Kadam Pragati Ki Aur" campaign.

"While interacting with the women, I learnt about how they've come together to form self- help groups and tackle the various issues they face. These women in themselves are harbingers of change, and Nihar Naturals aims to enhance those efforts with added support and inspiration."

Talking about the campaign, Vidya said, "While women across India take care of their families with utmost dedication, Nihar Naturals is allowing them to be part of something larger as they can use their choices to contribute to the cause of children's education."

"All they have to do is buy a bottle of Nihar Shanti Amla, and they will be taking a step towards changing a child's life.

"This is truly a noble initiative as Nihar Naturals empowers their women consumers to contribute to the development of India, and connects them to join the village women in the fight for children's education," she said.