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Kids with pets take fewer sick days

Posted on Sep 04, 06:09PM | IBNS

A pet can take care of your child's health. An IBNS report

A four legged furry friend can play an important role for your School Children's (aged five to eleven years) day to day life.

A research conducted in three schools in England and Scotland between 256 children proves that, the children from pet owning families have better school attendance due to lower levels of absenteeism through illness than those from non-pet owning families.

According to Dr. Kallahalli Umesh, Waltham Scientific Communication Manager, Mars India, "It is a well-known fact that children are fascinated by pets. This interest can help facilitate learning and have a positive effect on your child's development which further helps to lower the levels of illness."

A pet also helps to develop a sense of reverence for life and gives your children a sense of responsibility and provide a fun route into many curriculum areas.

Pet dogs have a stabilising and therapeutic effect - both from a child's perspective and a mother's point of view.

And the, reasons are clear - dogs represent a constant positive emotional feeling, an active challenge, give a sense of responsibility and freedom from disappointment and stress.

According to the research, engaging your child with a pet not only gives them activities to have fun but also gives other benefits as well.

Highlights of the research:

Absenteeism through illness was significantly less among pet-owning children

Pet-owning children attended school for an additional three weeks of school compared to non-pet owning children (aged five to seven years)

Children in reception and Year 1 classes had 18 per cent and 13 per cent better attendance respectively than non-pet owning children

Umesh said, "Different age groups of children can benefit from pet ownership as a pet can provide special feelings of support that are independent and additional to those provided by human relationships."

The research further shows that exposure to pets is associated with a significantly reduced risk of illness and has been proved that simple precautions involving grooming techniques, hygiene and dietary changes can reduce illness in your child.