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Giving others better than receiving, says study

Posted on Aug 13, 08:22PM | IANS

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give," former British prime minister Winston Churchill is known to have said once. And, now researchers have established the key behind the advantage of giving over receiving.

According to the study, thinking of being generous encourages people to be more helpful while contemplating gifts received makes us feel more dependent and enslaved, Daily Express reported.

Adam Grant, of Pennsylvania university, and Jane Dutton, of Michigan university, observed two groups of fundraisers for the study.

They found that those who wrote about giving for just two or three days increased their hourly phone calls by more than 29 percent in the following two weeks. Those who wrote about receiving had no change in calls.

Grant, whose findings have been carried in the journal Psychological Science, said: "Reflection about giving can be a powerful tool for motivating helping."

A second experiment saw students put in different groups -- where they had to list ways they gave help or received it. As they picked up payment, they were asked to donate to an earthquake fund. Those who reflected on giving were the ones who were 50 percent more likely to donate.