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Amit Kumar, Narsingh Yadav bow out of Olympic Wrestling

Posted on Aug 11, 07:28PM | IBNS

Indian grapplers Amit Kumar and Narsingh P Yadav made their exit from the free style for men at the ongoing London Olympics in contrasting style at Excel arena here Friday.

The 19-year-old Amit Kumar from Haryana lost in quarter final of main event in 55 kg category 7-1 to Radoslav Marinov from Bulgaria and then was unlucky to lose his repachage against Vladimir Khinchegasvili from Georgia 2-0 for the bronze medal.

Earlier in the prequarter final Amit kumar defeated H S Rahimi from Iran 3-0.

On the other hand Narsingh Pancham Yadav, India's second entry in this event Friday made his exit in the first round ( pre-quarter final) itself beaten by M J Gentry from Canada 4-2.

India's hope for any more medal now lies on Yogeshwar Dutt in the 60kg category and Sushil Kumar in 63 kg category on Sunday.

After losing his quarter-final to a strong Georgian Vladimer Khinchegashvili, Amit Kumar had to wait till his opponent wins his next round to get his chance to take part in repachage for the bronze medal.

Amit versus Radoslav fight saw both evading each other and none of them were in a mood to give up.

However, luck was not with the Indian who did not enjoy a good time at the end of each round. As per the rules, at the end of each round if neither wrestler has scored a point, then the referee does a small lottery as to which person gets a chance to do a "clinch."

In clinch, the wrestler gets the chance to go on the offensive. In both the successive rounds in repachage Amit lost the "clinch" to Radoslav and bowed out of the event.

Amit after the event said: "I am overall happy with my performance. Earlier wrestlers used to lose in the first round and now in repachage I have fought with seasoned wrestlers."

Earlier in the day, in the 74kg weight category, Narisngh Pancham Yadav's campaign turned out to be a disastrous one as he lost in the first round to Mattthew Judah Gentry of Canada.

Narsingh could not get a chance for repachage as his opponent lost in the next round.

Earlier on, Amit was simply not good enough for the Georgian opponent Vladimer Khinchegashvili. Vladimer won the first match 4-0.

The Indian did get a "clinch" in the first round but failed to make use of it.

Though Amit tried hard in the second round Vladimer was too strong against the Indian grappler.