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Report on mobile awareness unveiled

Posted on Aug 08, 07:07PM | IBNS

Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and IMImobile, a global specialist provider of mobile data platform and services to telecom operators and enterprises, on Wednesday unveiled their joint study on "Mobile Platform Adoption by Enterprises".

The report benchmarks the present state of awareness, use and purpose of use of mobile platform by enterprises to engage with various stakeholders. The report consists of detailed sectoral analysis of the state of mobile adoption in India across various geographies.

Vishwanath Alluri, Founder and CEO, IMImobile, said, "In the current scenario where there is considerable dearth of information, we felt the need for commissioning a study that can provide a holistic picture combined with detailed analysis of the adoption of mobile technologies by enterprises.

"Our study reveals that enterprises are increasingly adopting mobile data service platforms to engage better with their employees and end-customers. The report also helps platforms providers to recognize the current state of the industry and future potential."

Dr. Subho Ray, President, IAMAI said, "IAMAI has always been at the cutting edge of research on mobile data and this is no exception, we would continue to focus our research on enterprise mobility. "

The report emphasizes that businesses need a holistic and well-coordinated strategy for m-Engagement which complements their other marketing medium.

In the past, mobile data services platforms had largely focused on messaging as the means of engagement. We notice that as businesses benefit more and more from existing services, they will use more evolved services to increase reach or to obtain greater lead conversion.

Therefore a robust and proven mobile data services platform that can act as a bridge between operators and enterprises is needed. These m-Engagement platforms expose mobility as a service that can be used by enterprises and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) for reaching out to their employees and their end-customers.

At the same time, telecom operators and platform providers are joining hands to provide such platforms where businesses can create enterprise-grade mobility services to reach their end-customers.

Such Self-Serve platforms allow users in various business functions to configure and setup their own mobile engagement services thus eliminating the dependency on external vendors, or the need for long-lead, expensive internal IT projects.

These Self-Serve platforms also provide businesses the flexibility to modify their live services based on the usage and engagement with end customers.